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New layout, new host, new content

Ok, it’s time to revitalize this blog. It was practically dead the last two years and I was quite unhappy about it. So I’m trying something new now and include a broader range of topics and articles.

Published Aug 21, 2015

As you might have noticed, a few other things have changed as well:

  • jekyll is now my blog generator
  • I’m hosting this blog using GitHub Pages
  • I’ve migrated some of the old blog posts - not all of them

I’m still not completely happy with the way the blog looks at the moment, so you can expect further changes. But for a start it’ll do.

So let’s see what can be done with this :)

In case you’re wondering about the picture. This is an incredibly old typewriter i found in my parents’ attic. It only has two buttons, one for space and one to print the currently selected letter. The letter itself is selected by pointing a metal tip at a curved surface showing all available letters. I quite like this old design - but no chance of fast writing using the 10 finger system…

Here are some more pictures of it:

Letter pad

Letter pad

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Rubymine and Ruby 1.9.x debugging - get it working

Get it working

Published Sep 14, 2012 in programming