Sep 2015

Useless Box - Sneak Peek

A very sneak peek on my latest tinkering project - the "useless box" Read More

3D Print - Chinese dragon

A 3D print - chinese dragon model from thingiverse Read More

3D Print - T-Rex Skull

A 3D print - T-Rex skull from thingiverse Read More

3D Print - Hand Of The King Pin from Game of Thrones

Another 3D print - the Game of Throne "hand of the king pin" from thingiverse Read More

Aug 2015

3D Print - The cute octopus sd-card holder

My first 3D print - the modified cute octopus model from thingiverse Read More

The Micro 3D Printer

Aug 25, 2015

4 minutes

The Micro 3D Printer

My newest gadget, the M3D - Micro 3D Printer is a cheap and easy to use 3d printer designed for personal use. Read More

Trust me, I'm an engineer

Aug 24, 2015

less than 1 minute

Trust me, I'm an engineer

Trust me I'm an engineer - an epic song about us engineers... Read More

New layout, new host, new content

Aug 21, 2015

1 minute

New layout, new host, new content

Ok, it’s time to revitalize this blog. It was practically dead the last two years and I was quite unhappy about it. So I’m trying something new now and include a broader range of topics and articles. Read More

Sep 2012

Magnolia Conference 2012

Hot topic - Magnolia 5 Read More

Aug 2012

Git flow cheatsheet

Understand how it's done! Read More

Jun 2012

Capistrano and .htaccess

Easily enable and disable .htaccess basic protection via command line Read More

Git 2 git migration script

Migrate a git repository via your local machine - all branches and tags included! Read More

Brakeman - Rails security analytics tool

Check your application for security flaws Read More

Skills - my latest project

Namics internal project - knowledge management Read More

Apr 2012

GIT + Rails + Rcov + Jenkins = Continuous Integration

Simple and easy to configure continuous integration environment Read More

Rails 3.1 devise_for breaks db:migrate - fix

Maybe you've encountered this incredible annoying devise bug which prevents you from successfully running rake tasks like db:migrate, db:schema:load and so on.. Read More

Install Node.js on Centos 5.5

How to install node.js on Centos 5.5 Server? Read More

Fix MySQL UTF-8 encoding

Ever had problems with utf-8 encoded characters in a mysql table? You're not alone! 3 easy sql commands might help... Read More

Mar 2012

myPad - Build your own clipboard out of an old MacBook Pro

Ever wondered what one can do with an old, broken MacBook Pro (pre-unibody)? Read More

Feb 2012

Git - Differences to Subversion, branching and tooling

A small presentation talking about the differences of git and svn in branching and tooling. Read More

The Arrow - Coding Pattern?!

One of the absolute worst code snippets I've ever stumbled upon... Read More

Gitlabhq, Gitolite, Apache Passenger and Centos 5.5

Getting the great project gitlabhq, a web frontend for git based on gitolite and rails to run under Centos 5.5 can be quite frustrating but I managed to get the whole system up and running. Read More

Jan 2012

Easy forking with git

Did you ever wanted to fork a project but weren't exactly sure about handling updates from the master repository? Read More

Watch folders with Hazel!

The latest tool I enjoy using is the rather unknown but brings ingenious and simple folder watching/actions to osx with a lot of configuration options. Read More

Dec 2011

DaisyDisk - Analyse your disk space

Time to start a new series - Tools you can use. Read More

Nov 2011

MySQL 2 SQLite

Convert a MySQL table to SQLite Read More

Git! Why? How?

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of git and can't stand svn anymore by now; it just annoys me - period. Read More

First Post

Everything begins somewhere... Read More

Clean Code presentation @ HTGW Konstanz

I recently held a presentation about clean code at the university of applied sciences in Konstanz Germany. I'll remember it as a great experience and a great, interested crowd. Read More