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myPad - Build your own clipboard out of an old MacBook Pro

Ever wondered what one can do with an old, broken MacBook Pro (pre-unibody)?

Published Mar 22, 2012 in diy with tags: MacBook Pro reuse tinkering

Me too, but I got one about to get thrown away from my office and thought about something nice and useful to do with it. After a little bit of brainstorming it hit me:

How about building myself a unique, fancy clipboard? – I present the myPad

The myPad clipboard

The myPad clipboard

Feel free to build your own, let me see your results and ideas if you do….


To start, all you need are the following materials and tools:


  • 1 MacBook Pro – preferably broken
  • ~ 0.5m2 artificial leather – pleather
  • colored paper block – just for the looks


  • screwdriver set
  • cutter
  • sewing machine
  • glue

Build and Assembly

The build and assembly process is straightforward. I’ve used an european A4 paper block but a letter-size block will fit in just as well…

  1. Disassemble the MacBook Pro. The only part we need is the display casing itself. The rest is scrap metal – use it for other ideas. Be careful when disasembling the display casing, it gets bent easily. You can carefully break out the remaining aluminium mountings inside the display casing by using some pliers and a small amount of force, the should just “come off”.
  2. Sew together an inlay made out of the artificial leather containing a bag to later slide in the cardboard back of the paper block. My own experience shows the leather tends to deform quite fast when sewing, to avoid it just sew slowly and carefully.
  3. Glue the inlay into the display casing. I’ve glued another layer of artificial leather into the casing also containing a smaller piece on the very top of the casing to level the inlay with the casing border and create a nice seam so the casing border doesn’t stick out over the inlay itself.
  4. Dry the whole thing under weight – I’ve used some of my heavier books
  5. Insert paperblock – done

Some pictures of the build and assembly process as well as the final result (which turned out far better than i ever imagined):

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