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Rubymine and Ruby 1.9.x debugging - get it working

Get it working

Published Sep 14, 2012 in programming with tags: rubymine debugger

Sadly Rubymine still hasn’t resolved the debugger issue when trying to debug a Ruby 1.9.x application inside Rubymine. It’s not hard to get the debugger up and running when you know how, there’s also a lot of chatter among the topic.

It boils down to the following steps:

1) Download linecache19 0.5.13 and install it with

gem install linecache19-0.5.13.gem

2) Install the 1.9.x Ruby debug base (pre-release)

gem install ruby-debug-base19x --pre

3) Install the 1.9.x Ruby debug ide (also pre-release)

gem install ruby-debug-ide19  --pre

4) Start Rubymine and you’re set!

less than 1 minute

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