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Clean Code presentation @ HTGW Konstanz

I recently held a presentation about clean code at the university of applied sciences in Konstanz Germany. I'll remember it as a great experience and a great, interested crowd.

Published Nov 22, 2011 in talks with tags: code presentation

I’ll take this opportunity to thank the organization commitee of the university. The planning was good and I’ve nothing to complain about. Only we (both I and the university) gravely underestimated the interest in the topic so the room was quite crowded. We were only  able accommodate all listeners after the tables have been carried out and stacked in the floor…

Here as an impression:

HTW Konstanz

HTW Konstanz

Why is clean code so important?

Bad code might work fine or as expecte, sooner or later however you will encounter severe problems; guaranteed! Each and every developer knows of the problems arising with bad code in the course of a project entails… Often 80% of the functionality of a project is implemented rather fast, the 20% remaining needs a lot more time. The reason for this mustn’t necessarily be the famous 80-20 rule, bad code ist often the root of the problem. Again and again, project after project, countless hours and resources are lost only because of poorly written code. That isn’t how it’s supposed to be!

The presentation provides a few tips and tricks on various topics related to clean code. The slides are available on slideshare: Clean Code

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