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MySQL 2 SQLite

Convert a MySQL table to SQLite

Published Nov 28, 2011 in tools with tags: bash mysql sql sqlite

Maybe you know the situation: you have a mysql database filled with some data which you’d like to use in a sqlite database. Sadly, you can’t simply use MySQL syntax to create tables and add data to your sqlite database, the syntax doesn’t match.

This is where this little bash script comes in handy. Just pass the mysql dump file as parameter to the script and you’ll get a sqlite compatible output.

./mysqldump2sqlite3.sh mydumpfile.sql<br />

This is quite handy if you want to extract some data from a productive MySQL database and use it in a testing environment sqlite database for example.


if [ "$#" -lt 1 ]; then
   echo "Usage: $0 "


cat $SRC |
grep -v ' KEY "' |
grep -v ' UNIQUE KEY "' |
grep -v ' PRIMARY KEY ' |

sed 's/ENGINE=MyISAM/ /g' |
sed 's/DEFAULT/ /g' |
sed 's/CHARSET=[a-zA-Z0-9]*/ /g' |
sed 's/AUTO_INCREMENT=[0-9]*/ /g' |

sed 's/\\r\\n/\\n/g' |
sed 's/\\"/"/g' |
sed '/^SET/d' |
sed 's/ unsigned / /g' |
sed 's/ auto_increment/ primary key autoincrement/g' |
sed 's/ smallint([0-9]*) / integer /g' |
sed 's/ tinyint([0-9]*) / integer /g' |
sed 's/ int([0-9]*) / integer /g' |
sed 's/ character set [^ ]* / /g' |
sed 's/ enum([^)]*) / varchar(255) /g' |
sed 's/ on update [^,]*//g' |
sed 's/UNLOCK TABLES;//g' |
sed 's/LOCK TABLES [^;]*;//g' |
perl -e 'local $/;$_=<>;s/,\n\)/\n\)/gs;print "begin;\n";print;print "commit;\n"' |
perl -pe '
  if (/^(INSERT.+?)\(/) {
  ' > $DST

cat $DST | sqlite3 $DB > $ERR

ERRORS=`cat $ERR | wc -l`

if [ "$ERRORS" -eq "0" ]; then
    echo "Conversion completed without error. Your db is ready under: $DB"
    echo "\$ sqlite3 $DB"
  rm -f $ERR
   echo "There were errors during conversion. \
    Please review $ERR and $DST for details."
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