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Watch folders with Hazel!

The latest tool I enjoy using is the rather unknown but brings ingenious and simple folder watching/actions to osx with a lot of configuration options.

Published Jan 16, 2012 in tools with tags: osx utility

Hazel offers the user several features:

  • Rule based folder watching
  • Open, archive, set color labels, add Spotlight comments and many many more actions on rule match available
  • App sweep integrated - delete leftover files automatically
  • Spotlight integration
  • Automated trash cleanup
  • Growl integration

I’m personally using the tool for several purposes; still trying out new stuff such as

  • Automated download folder sorting
  • Logfile cleaning in development
  • File tagging

The only downside to the tool is that it isn’t for free. At least the 14 day trial period gives you enough time to test it and see if it’s the right tool for you.

less than 1 minute

DaisyDisk - Analyse your disk space

Time to start a new series - Tools you can use.

Published Dec 22, 2011 in tools